Employee Handbook Addendum II

~ Grounds for Termination ~

– Hiding Cheesy Stix in my juicer.

– Hiding Cheesy Stix in the umbrella stand.

– Wiping your grotty, Cheesy Stix dust caked fingers off on my Chanel coat and denying you’ve done it when asked. (I don’t remember Radioactive Orange being on the house’s color palette, Brad!)

– Suggesting anything involving Cheesy Stix at our Recipe Roundup meetings.

– Singing, Humming, Whistling, or performing the Cheesy Stix jingle in Interpretive Dance

– Eating Cheesy Stix anywhere in the house at all.

You want to eat those Hell Nuggets? You can do it in the shed! And don’t come whining to me about how the zombies might hear you, because if you’re willingly eating that garbage your cholesterol will get you before the herds will!

Firmly yours,

~ R.

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