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Q. Hi Rosie! I am a /massive/ fan. You have no idea how much your show means to me! I try and emulate your mantras in every day life, but my husband says I’m just being silly and should concentrate on more important thing. All weapons training, all the time! Please help! ~ Deanna A. Boise, Idaho

A. Silly? Dear, do me a favor. Ask your husband if he’d rather have a relaxed, zombie fighting superstar, or a tense, irritable wife wielding a machete. Then we’ll see who’s silly!

Men. Honestly. ~ Rosie

2 comments on “Ask Rosie
  1. The Bunker says:

    Hi Rosie!
    Blood stains + really cute suede boots = HELP!
    Any suggestions?

    • HSH Crew says:

      My dear, this is a scourge I know all too well!

      Whether it’s my Pradas being stretched out by /some/body who thinks they won’t notice when they try on my shoes, or my Jimmy Choos being the footwear of choice for, I’m guessing, a light jog through all the mud in the world, footwear woes are a bane on the style conscious!

      Here’s my tip! Work /with/ the stains! Artfully splatter a snazzy top to match your cute boots, and voilà! Fashion perfection!

      Remember! Just because you’re in an undead world, your shoes needn’t be unstylish! ~ R.

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