Re: Job Vacancy

Hi Guys,

Just a quick note to say, while I do appreciate all the candidates you’re putting up for the gaffer job, remember that I have to bring these people to Rosie.

Which means that, unless our next crew outing is gouging out her eyes, Rosie is actually going to see them.

Speak to them.

Be in arms reach of them.

So! In the interest of having fewer blood stains on the kitchen tile, here are a few Candidate Dos for you to pass along:

– Be wearing clothes. I can’t stress this enough. Showing up at an interview wearing nothing but a can do attitude is going to get you shot. I know it’s the ZA, but come on. Put. On. Pants.

– Know your style terms. If you don’t know the difference between a sham, a dust ruffle and a duvet, this is not the job for you. However, Candidates that know the purpose of a dust ruffle will have a definite advantage. Those things are like the Daylight Savings Time of Home Furnishing.

– Work well on a team. It goes without saying that we here at HSH are a family. And family means nobody has to handle our distinguished star all by themselves. We need to be able to lean on each other! At least until the liquor cabinet gets restocked.

Helpfully yours,

Your Friendly PA

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