Crew Memo

Re: Onset Pranks

Guys, I know it’s hilarious to watch our fearless leader get sauced, but I’m afraid I’m goung to have to officially put an end to the swapping of Rosie’s spring water for vodka.


1. First and foremost, a drunk Rosie is a Rosie who doesn’t aim. She gets a snootful, and suddenly anyone who isn’t a sprightly mover is a zombie that needs to have their head splattered all over the azalea bushes. Granted, there is nothing that wakes me up faster than dodging shotgun blasts, but I think I speak for everyone when I say I prefer coffee to that particular game of Russian Roulette.

2. Remember when we had that small popcorn fire, Rosie reached for her “water” glass to douse it and the small resulting inferno burnt off the new gaffers eyebrows? Yes, funny. But wrong.

Thanks for your co-operation!

Your friendly neighborhood P.A.

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